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Tunnel Construction

Tunnel installation and traffic flow management

Great St Bernard Tunnel is 5'798m long and has two lanes for traffic flow in either direction. The entrance on the Italian side lies at an elevation of 1'875m above sea level while the northern, Swiss entrance lies slightly higher at 1'918m above sea level. Tunnel systems and traffic control are managed by the north and south control rooms located at the two tunnel entrances. All information regarding the installations, alarm systems and emergency calls are conveyed to the 24/24 hour manned control rooms.

The tunnel approach road on the Italian side is of a suitable width and gradient. At a certain elevation, these roads are protected from adverse weather conditions by reinforced concrete overhead roofing. The highway leading to the entrance on the Italian side is 9'900m long. The covered part, measuring 6'150m leads directly into the tunnel where the facility buildings and car park are found. The covered stretch on the Swiss side is 5'750m in length.

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